In 2003 I began mediating disputes in families, in the workplace and in churches. As a mediator, I stand in the middle between conflicting parties and listen to their concerns, hurts and expectations.  I help ‘translate’ each party for the other until an environment of trust and hopeful expectation. Then we work through a reasonable, doable solution to the problem at hand.

Almost immediately I also began consulting with people in conflict. In these cases, I helped them better understand the needs, wounds and expectations of the other person and helped them see those thoughts and feelings in the concrete actions they found so difficult.    In addition, I showed them how they were often unknowingly contributing and escalating the conflict. Together, these insights created an opportunity for my clients to transform the conflict and put it to rest.

This website was created to help pastors and others in ministry effectively deal with the conflict in their churches.  It is best to get to the conflict as early as possible.  Address it effectively before it grows out of control.  If a consultant needs to be called in, you are already in real trouble.  Some of the large and well known church conflict organizations regularly recommend that the pastor is removed so the church can have a fresh start.  Sadly, this is an expensive and painful process that can leave a congregation broken and a minister and their family ruined.

I hope to help you avoid such distressing outcomes.  I hope you have a long, fruitful and joy filled ministry.  Please reach out to me if you think I can help.