A Word About Wolves

Welcome.  I’m so glad you are here looking at this site.  I hope you found this before there is a conflict in your church. If battles are already raging in your church or you are under attack, then I am especially glad you have found your way here.   Hopeful this website will be helpful.

These articles form the core of this website. My concern is to prepare you and help you through a conflict in your church. Together, we will focus on how high conflict people drive disputes and effective ways to respond to them.

Wolves Among The Sheep

  1. The Dirty Little Secret of Ministry
  2. Seeing the Patterns
  3. A Crisis of Bonding
  4. Driven By Fear
  5. The Fear of Being Ignored
  6. The Fear of Being Abandoned
  7. The Fear of Being Belittled
  8. The Fear of Being Dominated
Recognizing High Conflict People
  10. Loving High Conflict People With Empathy
  11. Loving High Conflict People With Limits

Read the articles carefully and more than once.  Take notes. Follow the links. Have trusted friends read them and talk with you about them.

Pay particular attention when there are different or conflicting points of view.  Pay particular attention when something confuses you or makes you anxious, discouraged or angry.  (This is where the real work for you will be found.)

Pray about these things.  Make all the positive changes you are able. Consult with qualified experts when you need to.  Lawyers, therapists, doctors, accountants and various consultants all have important services to offer.  Take advantage of their expertise.  In the end, the choices you make and all of the outcomes are yours to own, to learn from, and to celebrate.

One final word is in order here.  I don’t know your particular situation and I don’t know the details.  The information in this website is offered as a way to think through the conflict in your church.  This will take time.

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Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only.  It is not a substitute for qualified professional help such as accountants, lawyers, therapists or others. Please seek out appropriate professionals as needed. All choices you make, actions you take and their outcomes are yours alone and not the responsibility of the authors or publishers of this website.

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